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What we do

What we do

In alignment with the initial vision for the Digital Centre, a preliminary program plan has been developed to engage various users in fostering a new digital culture in Milano and Italy. The proposed space program is currently divided into four key zones that complement each other to provide unique training, incubate digital innovation through research & development, publish original content and showcase state-of-the-art digital innovation/culture in Italy. Below is a brief description of each of the proposed zones. The IwB and MtMG engaged used the charrette as an opportunity to get input from multidisciplinary teams to create a more robust program plan that is exciting and engaging for all stakeholders.

 The Education Zone is intended to provide unique training programs that complement the Cariplo Factory and promote digital literacy in Milano & Italy. Programming may include professional development, executive education programs and regular workshops (micro-credentials) for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Educational training will also support and promote digital culture, extending beyond just technical training and expertise.

 The Showcase Zone will create a platform for events and exhibitions that promote digital culture and innovation in Italy. Programming within the Showcase Zone will cater to different audiences including the general public, students, professionals and local/regional stakeholders. This is intended to spark discussion, curiosity and showcase the latest digital products/services/systems to raise awareness of new technologies, platforms and trends.

 The Research and Innovation Zone is intended to assist public and private organizations to adapt and prepare for the 4th industrial revolution and the associated digital disruption. This will provide space for organizations to engage in applied and theoretical research that pushes the boundaries of digital innovation and assists companies adapt to upcoming changes and trends. Activities within this space should include European & International partnerships.

 The Content Zone is intended to provide a library of content that promotes digital culture and literacy. This will include an array of content including digital archives, modern publications and devices, as well as original content produced by staff, students and professionals that are a part of the digital centre. The Content Zone will act as a primary source of digital content within Milano, Italy and Globally.