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What we do

MEET is the Italy’s leading organisation for the support and dissemination of digital culture. We provide an online and onsite program in order to reduce Italian digital divide and develop new opportunities through creative technology.

What does MEET do?

  • MEET designs and organizes conferences, exhibitions, talks, workshops, public meetings, education activities and innovative services through multidisciplinary human-centric disruption
  • MEET encourages participatory innovation and thoughtful digitalization by involving families, professionals, young people, companies, public institutions and associations
  • MEET observes the emerging trends of innovation on a global scale and launch them in Italy through an intense program based on original contents, disruptive formats and processes
  • MEET promotes digital culture applied to art, design                                          , science and education thanks to a global network of organizations sharing its values ​​and principles
  • MEET supports young digital talents to overcome the boundaries between disciplines and embrace creative technologies and aesthetics


Projects and Format

MEET co-creates and disseminates digital culture in Italy through projects and initiatives carried out with national and international partners to reduce the digital divide and increase skills in the expressive and creative use of technology. Below you can explore the individual projects the Media Guru is the series of meetings that, since 2005, disseminates and shares ideas, experiences and trends through the voices of the elite of international digital culture in places and environments of on and offline culture.

AugE 2nd is a project funded by the European Commission under the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV), and aims to continue to actively engage young people through digital media, shaping the future of Europe in a more sustainable and inclusive way.


MEET is a partner in the international Data Storyteller project, together with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Magnus University in Vilnius, Thomas More in Antwerp and i-Strategies in Offida.

ARTeCHÓ – Art, Economy & Technology was created with the aim of unlocking the potential of Crypto Art and other technological tools for the European creative industry.

A joint creation journey in which artists, youth and activists will work in presence to develop ideas, visions and actions on the major challenges of the present. How can the digital become a tool for inclusion, justice and equality?


Artists and young activists work together using the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence and the creative use of data as tools for environmental sustainability and a more conscious mobility


As a regional center of the European Commission’s S+T+ARTS initiative, we enable collaborative and cross-fertilization programs and initiatives between the arts, industry, research and business sectors across the country to foster conscious innovation practices


Gender empowerment policies and training programs aimed at expanding the employability of immigrant women with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills in the labor market

FreeYou Next is a project funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe call for proposals, whose goal is to raise awareness among young people about the daily use of social networks and data, to increase their awareness of these issues and to defend them from the risk of being manipulated, a risk they may run when using the Internet and digital tools.


A blended educational format to make middle school students more informed and equipped with respect to the potential risks of manipulation and misinformation online and on social networks


 A path to enhance youth civic engagement on social challenges such as inclusion, equality and diversity through real-time dialogue in digital environments

Immersive and interactive digital technologies for creative and cultural industries: innovating events and formats through audience engagement and user-experience

A path of mentoring and residencies for professionals and companies in the creative industries to disseminate, test and explore innovative languages, methodologies and technologies.

Strengthening the role of citizens and civil society organizations in implementing cohesion policies, with a focus on gender equality policies