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We learn to navigate the digital world


MEET offers all schools visit and lab experiences ranging from immersive art to virtual worlds, from artificial intelligence to robotics, from data and media literacy to digital citizenship. MEET has the largest Italian catalog of digital works and content. The goal is to introduce people to digital experiences, generate reflection and critical sense about the potential and risks of digital, and develop creative skills for interaction.

Each experience is accompanied by one or more educators who will introduce pupils and teachers to experiment with technologies and languages to deeply understand the meaning and potential of digital transformation.

Here are the main experiences to be had:



The experience is to experience the concept of immersiveness, to understand the meaning of data and artificial intelligence through guided viewing of carefully chosen works of Digital Art to excite, enliven the imagination and facilitate understanding and participation.
Participants: 20 and up
Duration: about 1h
Price per participant: €10
For elementary school



The experience serves to experience and debate the concept of immersiveness and its effects, to understand the meaning of data and artificial intelligence through guided viewing of works of Digital Art. Following this through the use of visors we will explore evolution and convergence of cinema, art, video games and social networks in virtual worlds and the metaverse highlighting the role of emotionality and empathy in these new forms of learning.
Participants: approximately 20 to 40
Duration: about 2h
Price per participant: €15
For middle and high schools


MEET ROBOTICS (in partnership with Scuola di Robotica)

The relationship between humans and machines requires design, programming (coding) and problem solving skills. In the lab, people will work in groups to design the actions of robots and lead them to accomplish desired missions, employing creativity and computational thinking and imagining tackling the world’s major environmental, energy and social challenges. Lego’s EV3 MINDSTORM robotics kits and the School of Robotics working methodology will be used.
Participants: approximately 20
Duration: about 2h
Price per participant: €15
For primary and junior high schools


MEET OPEN THE BOX (in partnership con gli esperti di Open the Box)

A course that delves into the topic of media and data literacy to learn how to navigate the dangers of misinformation and key concepts of digital citizenship through direct interaction with students and ongoing teacher training. The project includes a half-day of lectures and immersive experiences at MEET in which students, students and faculty participate in an interactive workshop on memes, edited images, synthetic media, fake news, data-visualization, artificial intelligence and immersive narratives, with the goal of developing critical sense towards the information encountered online, questioning the major ethical challenges of digital and creating content in a more conscious way.

Teachers who wish to do so will later be able to explore these topics in the classroom, thanks to the materials accessible on the platform, and organize other digital literacy lessons completely independently or with the support of Open the Box experts. All classes will later be able to participate in the final challenge on data and media literacy, which will be organized in spring 2023.

Participants: approximately 70 and up
Duration: about 4h
Price per participant: €15
For middle and high schools.
If you are interested in participating in MEET – Open the Box leave your contact information here and you will be contacted.

Guided tour hours

Monday through Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.


For more information and to arrange times and packages write to or contact from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 02-379011 (after the recorded entry press 4)


MEET is accessible to people with disabilities and reduced mobility. There is an elevator within the center that connects all floors.