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Immersive Room – Digital Art at MEET in Italy

MEET is the first center in Italy dedicated to Digital Art and Culture.

The Center’s mission is to help people gain a new awareness with respect to technology, understood as a resource of extraordinary value for the creativity and well-being of society as a whole. The theme of immersiveness from the beginning has contributed substantially to tell the identity of MEET through, in particular, the realization of the Immersive Room.

A space inside MEET that reflects the languages of Digital Culture

To completely understand the value that the Immersive Room has, it is necessary to draw attention to MEET’s vocation. The Center’s goal is to help bridge a cultural digital divide that is widespread in our country. Nowadays technology offers us so many tools, but the open cultural challenge is to understand how to apply them. We must not talk about digital solely in terms of technology, but rather begin to talk about the processes of change that digital has grafted into society, people’s private and professional lives, talk about how new cultural parameters, new creative languages, new modes of expression have arisen. We should no longer be passive users of these means, but become protagonists, active and creative figures.

It was in this spirit that MEET was born, which sees creativity – primarily expressed in the digital, and non-digitized, works of the exhibiting artists – as an enzyme for triggering cultural change processes that are fundamental for the individual, but also for businesses.

For such a special mission, an equally special space was needed, built to reflect its spirit. A place that meets the parameters of fluidity, transparency and interoperability of digital culture. These parameters have translated physically into a space that is wide open, immersive, full of open, reconfigurable and multifunctional environments.


«The entire MEET space is built to immerse the visitor in the content, to offer him or her a sensory immersion.» Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President


MEET is configured, therefore, as an environment that is in fact in its entirety immersive, which is why creating an Immersive Room takes on an entirely unique value and depth.

And it is therefore of the easily understandable why the immersive definition of these spaces was immediately among the wishes of the commission.

Renaissance Dreams, Refik Anadol


The use of the Room as a space for the projection of immersive works is just one of the functions of MEET, which is also designed to host talks, presentations, concerts, educational and training activities. As a testament to the “open and fluid” character of the Immersive Room, it can also open up to the world with live streamed events.