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Social Cast:

Social Cast is the MEET activity that involves institution, people and enterprises to create a network that operates and interacts proactively in the events.
The people that are connected on-line can ask questions, send works, comment and expose their reflections on the evening; at the same time the people attending the evening in the hall are surrounded by and fully immersed in the contents projected and displayed in the surrounding environment. A perfect synergy between real and virtual!

Wherever you are, you can participate to the MEET events.

1. Connect
—> before the event, let us know where you connect from via Twitter using the #meetOgawa hashtag or via Facebook through DM at the Meet the Media Guru page. This is the way to become part of the Social Map, the map that geolocates your presence.

2. Watch
—> follow the live streaming on the Meet the Media Guru Facebook page or at the top of this page

3. Participate
—> comment and share the live streaming using the #meetOgawa hashtag. Send us a picture of your workstation. Pictures, questions and “social thoughts” will be displayed in the venue where MtMG takes place and the most interesting questions will be asked during the Question Time.