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Mobility: the keyword of MtMG in 2019

MEET, our centre of digital culture, is about to celebrate its first birthday, as the launch dates back to February 26, 2018 (do you remember)? You can find all you need for a review here. In recent months we have imagined and designed a 2019 in the name of emerging trends in Digital Culture. Many new features are on the way, first of all on a whole new venue in the former Spazio Oberdan. It will be home for those who love innovation with a humanistic approach. We don’t want to spoil too much, so let’s just give a teaser to anticipate the tracks of this year.

This is what the “menu” of Meet the Media Guru in 2019 will consist of:

  • Mobility
 The cycle Around Mobility starts on March 5, focussing on the future of mobility as a digital, social, economic, cultural and urban revolution. The leaders of this path will be international experts who will animate several in-depth stages with events spread throughout the city. The project was born from the collaboration between MEET and the Giannino Bassetti Foundation. Soon we will reveal the names of the guests, meanwhile we can announce that the first guru will be French …
  • Cultural innovation 
A must for MtMG that includes speeches by Paola Antonelli, Nancy Proctor, Corey Timpson and Noah Raford. It is about their lectures. Also this year we will continue to explore the developing processes, the newest methods of engagement and the transformations taking place in museums and libraries, media libraries and music centres.
  • Society and Democracy in the Digital Age
 How to increase digital awareness as a paradigm of our time, focussing especially on the risks of the connection between social inequalities, public agenda and technology.
  • New creative languages
 The changes taking place in the production of transmedia content, from cinema to art, from music to the world of games. We enjoyed last year’s meeting with Daito Manabe so much that we thought we would continue our journey in the Far East where the mix of engineering and humanities is very popular … and can become a real show!

The programme of Meet the Media Guru goes international in 2019 too. We will fly to the Digifest 2019, the Canadian festival scheduled from April 25 to 27 in Toronto. The theme of this edition is the creative growth as a driving force for the training of students, educators, startuppers and citizens.

More news is awaiting us in this 2019, stay tuned so as not to miss a single piece of #nasceMEET!

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Photo by Ishan@seefromthesky on Unsplash