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In real, in web, in world. The programme

In real, in web, in world is an exhibition entirely dedicated to the discovery of immersive realities and their impact on the worlds of art, media and business, curated by MEET as part of a media partnership with Rai Cinema Channel.

From 360° videos to Virtual Reality via Mixed Reality, virtual tours and social world through avatars, the cycle wishes to present the variegated and multifaceted ecosystem of immersive realities with a critical and international profile, also open to those who know little (or nothing) about the phenomenon.

In real, in web, in world will take place from February to May 2021 and consists of an online digital arts exhibition , some online Meet the Media Guru appointments with pioneers and international experts in the sector open to all, associated with guided immersive experiences, training workshops and a VR corner set up in the MEET headquarters. To encourage the participation of different audiences, the event offers informative moments open to everyone together with offers of paid activities and experiences.

The programme opens on February 25 with the inauguration of Synthetic Corpo-Reality, the digital arts exhibition in virtual reality curated by Julie Walsh, an expert in immersive technology art. In the MEET space set up within the Mozilla Hubs platform it will be possible to visit the exhibit and participate in conferences and seminars, interacting with the curator, other artists and other visitors through their avatar.

In real, in web, in world continues throughout spring 2021 and consists of three tracks. The first is dedicated to the visual and the performing arts. The second track focuses on media, 360° videos, VR cinema, and gaming. The third track focuses on the business world: from the design of virtual exhibition events to the new frontiers of blended working.

The Programme

The first track investigates the various types of immersive realities in the visual arts, dance and cultural innovation

The second track explores the world of media with a specific focus on immersive information, 360° videos and VR cinema, immersive storytelling in gaming

The third track opens up to the business world and to the many innovations that have emerged in recent times