Digital Arts in Virtual Reality. The full programme

Digital Arts in Virtual Reality is the first track of  In real, in web, in world  a series MEET dedicates to VR and immersive realities. This part focuses on visual arts, dance and cultural innovation. Digital Arts in Virtual Reality offers an overview of international experiments and proposals, giving the participants the opportunity to explore – even in person – the expressive languages of virtual reality for exhibitions, installations and performances. The track includes some paid activities.

  • From February 25 to April 25

    Where: Mozilla Hubs
     Synthetic Corpo-Reality
    Synthetic Body-Reality
    is a digital arts exhibition that includes site-specific photography with video, digitally created sculptures, immersive installations, a GIF, uv animation on polygons, and deepfake AI technology. Through 13 artworks, it focuses on the use of the body to express the challenges of the social, political and cultural agenda of the present. The exhibition is curated by Julie Walsh, a Chicago based curator with an expertise in Contemporary Asian & Immersive technology art.

  • March 3, 5 pm CET

    Where: ZOOM + Mozilla Hubs
    Digital Art in VR | Workshop by Julie Walsh (in English) 
    American curator Julie Walsh, one of the pioneers of immersive technology art at an international level delivers a 2 hour long overview of Digital Art in VR from around the world, with examples also drawn from performing arts and experimental music from a range of venues including museums, galleries, and film festivals.

  • March 10, 5 pm CET

    Luogo: ZOOM + Mozilla Hubs
    Visit art exhibition in VR | Workshop by Julie Walsh (in English)
    American curator Julie Walsh guides participants to experience 3 examples of art in virtual realms meeting the curators or the artists. One is going to be MEET’s “Synthetic Corpo-Reality”, the second will be the exhibit Feelings by Synthesis gallery and wwwunderkammera by Carla Gannis.

  • March 17, 5 pm CET

    Where: ZOOM + Mozilla Hubs
    Design art exhibition in VR | Workshop by Julie Walsh with Micheal Kam Barngrover (in English) 
    American curator Julie Walsh and XR researcher and developer Micheal Kam Barngrover presents and overview of social VR platforms best for exhibiting art and will include a discussion of the pros and cons of each platform as well as hardware requirements. Participants will be led through conception, and exhibition design planning.

  • March 23, 5 pm CET

    Where: ZOOM + Mozilla Hubs
    Moving in VR | Workshop by Ariella Vidach – AiEP (in Italian)
    The workshop is led by choreographer Ariella Vidach, co-founder of the contemporary dance company Ariella Vidach – AiEP. Participants are guided through the discovery of movement in virtual reality from a remote location. After creating their own avatar they experience what it means to move in a virtual space and learn a simple choreography.

  • March 31, 6.30 pm CET

    Where: www.meetcenter.it
    Meet the Media Guru online with Jeffrey Shaw
    An online lecture by Jeffrey Shaw, a pioneer artist of media art and interactive art, to tell the roots of the new, that is, the artistic and cultural foundations of the trends that have become mainstream today. Sign up to join the lecture