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MEET the first Italian Digital Culture Centre

MEET is a project created by Meet the Media Guru with the fundamental support of Fondazione Cariplo. The first partner is the platform of thoughts, ideas and events focused on innovation and digital technology Maria Grazia Mattei founded in 2005;  the second partner is one of the world’s main philanthropic organizations which aim is to help organizations to better serve their community and give ideas a future.

Thanks to its strong social aptitude and its ability to address and interact with all population groups, MEET shows and makes available languages, creative ideas and innovative projects to reduce Italian digital cultural divide and guarantee an increasingly more active participation with an approach centred on meeting and inclusion.

MEET proposes a massive plan of on life on line and on site initiatives like events, exhibits, training experiences and creative services that bring man back at the forefront of technological change.

Other key factors are exchange, discussion and building of new projects together with several international partners, first of all the Toronto George Brown College, namely the Institute Without Boundaries specialised in multi-disciplinary and shared planning.

First opened in a temporarily virtual form, MEET will establish its headquarters at the Spazio Oberdan, an historic building in the heart of Milan. Through its new office, MEET reinforces its bond with the city community and enhances the city’s strategic role in Italy’s innovation process.

MEET has a new website designed by Accurat, a global data-driven research company that built a rich, data-driven interactive user experience using Meet the Media Guru archives.