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Complicating Complexity with Filippo Solibello

Complicating Complexity: how Barabasi’s artistic and scientific work can help us explore the contemporary with greater awareness and courage. Is it possible to break the patterns of the Hungarian scientist’s works? Is our ultimate fate one of an increasingly predictable and ordered humanity, or can we defeat the dictatorship of algorithms? What do the Big Mac and the Maneskins, Godzilla and Mr. Brainwash have in common? Most importantly, if data is the answer, what is the question?


Filippo Solibello, a radio and TV host, has spent many years unearthing and disseminating, in Italy and around the world, good survival practices for human species facing self-extinction. He invented and launched on Radio2, ‘M’illumino di meno,’ the campaign on the issues of climate change and energy conservation. In his latest book Spam. Stop plastica a mare (Mondadori, 2019) covered the topic of ocean pollution due to human activities. He currently hosts CaterpillarAM every morning on Radio2 and, on television on Rai Italia, every day, Paparazzi, the first program in English broadcasted by Rai worldwide, in which current events, culture, music, cinema, art, food, design, sports, and, in general, all Italian excellences are reported.  As a conceptual artist, he exhibited CodiCi (Bio-Graphies), a multimedia work of reworking QR codes and YouTube videos about contemporary personalities, and the work/performance “WOR[L]DS/MILAN,” using 3DPrint technology and intersecting the world of Makers with that of Social Networks and the internet of things.

He has conceived, produced, presented, and commented over the past two decades on countless events, festivals, conventions, podcasts, radio and TV programs, conferences, and simple evenings, always with the dogged conviction that he is working to build a better world.


Participation in the talk is free, upon registration

For the occasion, The Art of Connection can be visited until 9 p.m.