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News Atlas of Digital Art | Opening Conference

The opening lecture of the News Atlas of Digital Art gives us an overview of digital art on the international scene, particularly in Europe, bringing together various voices – representatives of the main centers of digital art and culture such as the Onassis Foundation, Ars Electronica Futurelab, ZKM Karlsrhue, among others, artists, curators, experts – to open reflections on the many movements and new traces of change in the art world.

Throughout the morning, topics such as the roots of digital art will be addressed, highlighting its seeds of innovation, leading to the new frontiers of “digitally native” immersive art and the new cultural and economic models related to the NFTs world. We will not neglect the relationships between contemporary art and digital languages, as well as the perspective of digital art as a trigger for social and economic innovation in the collaborative Art/Science/Technology context.

Opening remarks will include Maria Grazia Mattei – President MEET; Giovanni Fosti – President Fondazione Cariplo; Giuseppe Sala – Mayor of Milan; and Fabrizio Sala – Vice President Regione Lombardia.

Opening Speeches.

– Maria Grazia Mattei President MEET
– Giovanni Fosti President Cariplo Foundation
– Ilaria Bonacossa Director National Museum of Digital Art
– Giuseppe Sala Mayor of Milan
– Fabrizio Sala Vice President Lombardy Region
– Patrizia Toia Europarliamentarian
– Massimo Gaudina Head of the Regional Representation
in Milan of the European Commission
– Claudio Longhi Director Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa
– Tommaso Sacchi Councillor for Culture City of Milan

The International Scene

– Myriam Achard Head of New Media & PR Partnerships
Centre PHI Montreal, Canada
– Pablo de Soto Director of LABoral, Spain
– Horst Hörtner CTO & Managing Director of Ars Electronica
Futurelab, Austria
– Wolf Lieser Director DAM Museum, Germany
Quayola Artist, Italy
– Christos Carras Executive Director Onassis Foundation, Greece
– Christophe De Jaeger Program Manager BOZAR Art
& Research, Belgium
– Livia Nolasco-Rozsas Curator at ZKM Karlsrhue, Germany
– Anna Tardivel Curator at La Gaîté Lyrique, France
– Michel Van Dartel Director V2 Lab for Unstable Media, Netherlands

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