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A full immersion site for digital culture


With the launch of MEET, the international centre for digital culture born from the evolution of Meet the Media Guru together with Fondazione Cariplo, and while we wait for the former Spazio Oberdan to become our real world home we felt the urgent need to redesign our site, our “virtual” home.

We wanted an immersive space through which you, the users, can browse contents (videos, photos, posts …) that Meet the Media Guru has produced in the past and that MEET will continue to produce giving the user the possibility to choose their preferred experience in full freedom. We imagined a platform in which past, present and future could live together. Not surprisingly the heart of the environment you are browsing is the timeline that brings together – thanks to the data visualization work by Accurat – all materials and represents the themes explored over the years through the voices of our guests.

Thanks to the research it is possible to filter contents through themes or names of the gurus or choose the type of content – videos, posts, albums, events – and establish a timeline. Each type is also traceable through an identifying colour (red for the gallery ; yellow for posts; green for events and so on) except for the video- lectures of our gurus, represented by an image of their face, in black and white, as in the image below.

So what can you do on this site?

You can read the posts (about 500 so far), ( re) watch the 76 video- lecturescollected in these years or relive the events through the gallery with thousands of photographs taken during the events, learn more about the books designed and produced by Meet the Media Guru. If you prefer, we even have the direct links to the pages that assemble these materials:

Watch the video lectures

Browse the albums

Browse the agenda

Discover the books

We can’t wait to listen to your opinion on our new website, email us at