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AI4FUTURE | Call for artistic residencies

AI4future is looking for 4 artists to elaborate 4 works based on Artificial Intelligence with the mediation and involvement of young European activists in order to promote a new perception of the urban community.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in many functional fields of everyday life: from activities that simulate the cognitive capabilities of the human being (image recognition, language automation) through the management of the civil and social sphere (home automation, banking, self-driving vehicles) to economic and political activities (remote surveillance, privacy, impact on the world of work 4.0, health management, disinformation techniques, control of fundamental rights).

AI4Future aims to show how artificial intelligence can be a tool at the service of artists and activists to address the cultural and social changes of our time. For this reason, young activists have been involved in order to define together the areas of mobility from which to start to realize the residency projects.

The 4 challenges


Mobility is the theme of this first series of Urban Labs

Mobility is a polysemic word. The year 1969 is mainly remembered for two important events: the first moon landing and the first long-distance data exchange between two computers. Since then, the web has become an important fertile ground in the service of globalization as well as a new way of understanding mobility. AI4FUTURE aims to redefine the way we understand mobility through collaboration with the new generations engaged in shaping the future.


  • Open Call: 27 September – 15 November 2021
  • Finalists Announcement: 20 December 2021
  • Residences: From February to June 2022
  • Final Exhibition: Septembre 2022

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