Mapping The NFT revolution

The intangible revolution: the first immersive exhibition dedicated to the NFTs phenomenon and the aesthetics of the metaverse (September 7-29, 2022) 

Mauro Martino – scientist, A.I. artist, and data visualization expert – takes us at the heart of the fascinating universe of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), smart contracts of digital property that are rapidly transforming the world of art, architecture, and fashion.

An immersive video installation, a full-screen experience, realized using advanced deep-learning and data-viz techniques, guides the viewer through 5 years of evolution in the NFTs aesthetics and market, documenting the qualitative dimension of an intangible revolution destined to change the entertaining and productive fabric of human communities.

Based on an impressive amount of data – 5 million NFTs, tens of millions of market trades, hundreds of blockchains – collected and analyzed over more than 3 years of scientific research, Mapping the NFT revolution is not only the most extensive exploration of the NFT phenomenon to date, but also an artistic reflection on its potential and on the space-time continuum that makes it possible (the metaverse). The result is an exciting data-film, which builds a bridge between the physical and the digital realm, inscribing the technology of the future in a fluid creative project, suspended in between reality and imagination.

This immersive exhibit – completed by a second room with 4 screens, aimed at offering a complete overview of Martino’s endeavors as an A.I. artist – ultimately works as a poetic and social experiment at the same time: an opportunity not only to be seduced by a virtual utopia, but to understand and consciously partake in it, to responsibly construct and inhabit new immaterial and parallel spaces.

In collaboration with Andrea Baronchelli (scientist), Luca Stornaiuolo (generative A.I. expert), and Philip Abussi (sound artist).

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