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New European Bauhaus prizes have been launched

The New European Bauhaus Prizes encourage the green transition and the award aims to make the Green Deal a cultural, human-centred and positive, tangible experience. It’s part of the New European Bauhaus initiative where art and creativity intersect with technology and science and inspire visions and thoughts of “regeneration”.

The Prizes celebrate existing achievements and support the younger generation to further develop emerging concepts and ideas. They give visibility to examples and concepts that illustrate how beautiful, sustainable, inclusive places already exist in our territories, our communities and in our practices, paving the way to the future.

There are Prizes in 10 different categories, in each one there are two parallel competition strands:

  • New European Bauhaus Awards for existing completed examples/projects
  • New European Bauhaus Rising Stars for concepts or ideas submitted by young talents aged 30 or less

The winners will receive:

  • EUR  30.000 and a communication package for the New European Bauhaus Awards
  • EUR 15.000 and a communication package for the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars

The applications for the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars may be presented by individuals or groups of individuals aged 30 or less on the end date of this call. The deadline for submissions is on 31 May 2021. To apply, visit the dedicated platform where you will also find information on the different categories of the Prizes and the detailed guide for applicants.

Why do we want to share this opportunity to you? Because MEET is an official partner of the New European Bauhaus. Our digital culture center is one of the international organizations selected by the European Commission in consideration of the work carried out in recent years.


Opening photo by Bethan – If I only could I’d make a Deal with God