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Re-live the #meetSidra VR immersion

Meet the Media Guru’s 2017 started with a bang. The meeting with Gabo Arora and Tim Jones gathered over 700 people at Triennale’s Salone d’Onore and over 2000 connected in streaming on Facebook. About 150 people have taken part in the virtual reality projection at 360°of the film Clouds over Sidra, directed by Arora and shot in the refugee camp of Zaatari, Jordan, to which over 100,000 Syrians have fled the war. In case you missed the MtMG event, you can watch the video here.

The art director of the United Nations Virtual Reality division and the CEO of Artscape, a non-profit organisation focused on creating spaces for creativity have told about the birth of the Sidra Project, which showed the film to thousands of people in Toronto, spreading empathy and active engagement in help of the refugees.

The results were impressive, explained Arora and Jones: «95% of the audience said that they felt more empathy for the Syrian people and 87% said they were motivated to act; 73% of the audience actually took action». A nice summary of the evening was filmed by Laura Traldi in D La Repubblica.

The success of the Sidra Project, confirmed the two guests, is the product of three elements:

  • an enticing story just like that of little Sidra
  • a contemporary language, such as virtual reality
  • a communication based on empathy and based on facts

Some pictures from the event are available in the gallery:

Meet the Media Guru è realizzato in partnership con Artemide, Fondazione Fiera Milano, Camera di Commercio di Milano, Comune di Milano, con il patrocinio di Regione Lombardia e Fondazione Cariplo e la collaborazione di Institute without Boundaries | George Brown College – Toronto.