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Mono No Aware with Boris Labbé

A virtual reality experience that revolves around references from Japanese art history and literature (The Fukinuki Yatai, The Tale of Genji, The Notes of Chevets) and unfolds as a large sensory fresco with strong emotional potential. A heterogeneous set of drawn, animated and sound scenes are drawn from digital material; they recreate a kind of subjective world (inner and outer) in the form of a labyrinth composed of fractal architectures, inhabited by plants, objects, animals, men, women, motifs and calligraphy. Mono No Aware is a Japanese aesthetic and spiritual concept, which can be translated as “empathy toward things” or “sensitivity to the ephemeral.” The virtual wandering space allows us to access different scenes based on the randomness of our choices: a kind of hide-and-seek game with the universe at the center of which we are the omniscient spectator.
The event is free by reservation

Mono No Aware con Boris Labbé
In partnership with Institut français Milano
Wednesday, March 15, 6:30 p.m.
VR Corner