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Cinema e VR: le origini with Omar Rashid

MEET presents “Cinema and VR: Origins” on Wednesday, May 3, an event tracing the origins of cinema through virtual reality technology.
During the evening, producer, director and designer Omar Rashid, co-founder of the production company Gold Enterprise, will present a series of short films that re-enact famous scenes from early silent cinema and highlight its great narrative potential, revisited through technology. Through the immersiveness of virtual reality, you can immerse yourself in the poetry and illusionism of early cinema and discover its expressive power.

Cinema was the first technology in the service of art, and the infancy of cinema was a time of discovery and experimentation that gave birth to an ever-evolving world of images. From the Lumiere with “The Arrival of the Train at the Station de la Ciotat,” to the fantastic and poetic films of Méliès, to the futurist and impressionist researches, cinema explored all the limits and potential of this language.

With this event, we intend to deepen our understanding of silent cinema, exploring its value and importance in the history of art and cinema. “Cinema and VR: The Origins” is a unique event, combining past and present, tradition and technology, providing a unique and engaging experience for all cinema enthusiasts.

Free admission by reservation