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In June, the best in architecture and design are gathering in the city with the Salone del Mobile.

It is an impressive concentration of creativity, ingenuity, innovation, entertainment and culture that for a week puts MEET at the centre of attention on the themes of the digital universe.

What does living in the future entail and how will we design it in an increasingly complex and fragile world? We feel the need to ask ourselves about scenarios, but also to act to repair the present and explore a possible process of European ‘reconstruction’ of the future, after the pandemic and the international political crisis we are currently experiencing.

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from 5 to 12 june

10.00 AM – 7.00 PM

Tomorrow Living Exhibition

↳Immersive Room & Gallery

What does living in the future imply? How should our habitat be designed? These are the questions behind Tomorrow Living, a project promoted by Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Center and curated by Robert Thiemann, editor-in-chief of Frame Magazine, which develops into an Exhibition co-created with Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President of MEET Digital Culture Center.

Tomorrow Living Exhibition brings together a Documentary Series divided into four chapters with the opinions of 30 international experts among the most influential designers, architects, artists and scientists and is enriched by The Global Home, a site-specific immersive installation conceived by the multidisciplinary studio Space Popular to transport us sensorially into the new scenarios of living.

The first docu-series – Responsive – focuses on making habitats more adapted to our changing needs and circumstances. The second – Resilient – investigates how houses, neighbourhoods and cities can become more resilient. The aim is to tell how a future-proof habitat can be created that is able to change and facilitate connections between people. Restorative examines how homes and more generally our environments can become places of emotional and physical well-being. Finally, Responsible focuses on a vision of what sustainability will mean in the future, changing paradigms and challenging the systems we currently operate in. Learning and getting in tune with nature will be the key to the future of the planet.

THE GLOBAL HOME allows the viewer to live a 360° experience. It is a visual and immersive synthesis, the installation shows new living scenarios in a mixedreality future in which we are increasingly together, virtually. Starting with the idea of Venn Rooms, a term coined by the duo in 2019 to describe virtually overlapping home environments, they developed a series of virtually connected rooms: the immersive experience transports us to different everyday scenarios, in constant motion, that a small community of avatars call home.

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June 9

5.00 PM – 7.00 PM

Urban Phygital Lab | final showcase


A cultural and creative regeneration project, winner of the public notice Creative Living Lab – 3rd edition, promoted by the Contemporary Creativity Directorate General of the Ministry of Culture.

The event is also part of the New European Bauhaus festival.

How do you imagine your neighbourhood a hundred years from now? What challenges will we face? How will the professions change in the future? How will public space be transformed? Students from ITSOS Albe Steiner in Corvetto and IIS Schiaparelli-Gramsci in Porta Venezia tried to answer these questions and, with the support of digital artists and developers, translated their thoughts, hopes and concerns into creative works in augmented reality and virtual reality. The event takes place in the Theater and includes a public talk on the topic of urban regeneration and the narration of the project. This will be followed by an exhibition of all the AR and VR works on view at the VR Corner of MEET.

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June 23 – 25

European Meeting

The new Atlas of Digital Art


June 23: 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM

June 24: 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM


MEET, in cooperation with National Museum of Digital Art recently established by the Ministry of Culture, presents a reflection on the jagged landscape of digital art in Europe and highlights the potential of “digital native” artistic experiments as drivers of societal innovation. The Meeting will be opened by an institutional greeting from Mayor Giuseppe Sala and will be attended by numerous foreign guests, experts from digital culture centres, artists, representatives from the world of research and industry, as well as institutions such as the European Commission, Fondazione Cariplo, the Ministry of Culture, the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region.

It proposes to compose an Atlas of Digital Art starting from its origins in order to interpret the present by looking ahead, not only through a cultural perspective but by opening up scenarios of economic and social transformation. The European Meeting coincides with the Strehler 100 celebrations and is part of the S+T+ARTS initiative with the Regional STARTS Centres Repairing the Present project promoted by the European Commission.


June 25: 10.30 AM – 2.00 PM

Through videos, images and presentations, the new Atlas of Digital Art is presented to the city of Milan, involving young people and families. During the morning, in collaboration with RAI Radio 1, a live broadcast during the programme Eta Beta hosted by Massimo Cerofolini will be organised to reflect on the topics that emerged during the previous two days of work. Maria Grazia Mattei and Ilaria Bonacossa will speak on ocasion of the live broadcast. Together with them exponents of the digital world.

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