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Le Radici del Nuovo | MEET’s Archive

Le Radici del Nuovo (The Roots of the New) is an exhibition that narrates some of the milestones of digital culture, from the 1960s to the present day, through MEET’s collection of posters, objects and historical videos.

Images and videos of exhibitions, reviews and key events on the Italian and international scene: those who visit MEET can immerse themselves in a walk among the protagonists and artistic movements that, starting from the last century and up to the present day, have initiated the process of research and expressive experimentation ‘triggered’ by the advent of digital technology in Italy and the world.

The core of MEET consists of posters, videos and iconic objects in a permanent in-progress collection created to tell the story of the evolution of contemporary culture through unpublished materials and curiosities. The exhibition is accompanied by podcasts accessible through QR codes that support the visitor in reading the material on display. The Archive is subdivided into six chapters, each dedicated to a theme, and the consultation mode runs through all the floors of MEET.

Le Radici del Nuovo represents a meeting point between past and present, between culture and technology, with the aim of supporting a new awareness of technology as a resource for people’s creativity and society’s well-being.

The Roots of the New is the archive open for public consultation and a precious heritage of study. This important nucleus, created over all these years, has been considered fundamental for its high knowledge value, so much so that MEET was granted institutional recognition as a Museum by the Lombardy Region.

The Archive in Progress is open for consultation and study from Tuesday to Sunday, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., by prior appointment by sending an e-mail to