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BookCity 2022 | all appointments at MEET

In the wake of what it did last year, the 2022 edition of BookCity Milano expands its presence in the territory, creating thematic hubs spread throughout the different neighborhoods to bring books and reading to everyone and everywhere. BookCity Milano offers a vast and varied program, which acquires greater maturity and attention to detail in organizing the events of its schedule, divided into themes and sub-themes to facilitate the public’s enjoyment of the program.


The four appointments at MEET

Thursday, November 17

THEME: History and current affairs

5:30 p.m.: Communicating with algorithms with Chiara Albicocco, Elena Esposito, Stefano Moriggi and Federico Cabitza

How can a device know what our favorite songs are or what we should write in an email? Recent algorithms working with deep learning and big data are getting better and better at doing more and more things, but the better the algorithms get, the more uneasy we get. And so we begin to wonder if the machines are getting too smart…But is that really what we need to worry about? Or rather do we need to focus on finding a way to communicate efficiently with these machines, so that we can use their results and keep track of any errors and unwanted effects?

Protagonists: Chiara Albicocco, Elena Esposito, Stefano Moriggi, Federico Cabitza

Presenting “Artificial Communication,” Elena Esposito, Egea – Bocconi University Press at MEET.

Free admission, after registration

Saturday, November 19

THEME: Art and Image

4 p.m.: Discovering Crypto Art with Andrea Concas, Rizzoli Illustrati

CRYPTO ART – Begins” is the first Phygital book that chronicles the exciting Crypto Art movement through the history and works of 50 crypto artists who contributed to the birth and are part with their NFTs of the present and future of this new world. Through interviews with the artists, essays by pioneers and professionals in the field, along with testimonies from collectors, the visions, aspirations, complexities, as well as limitations of a world that is all in the making and yet to be discovered emerge.

Protagonist: Andrea Concas, Maria Grazia Mattei and Eleonora Brizi

Presenting at MEET “CRYPTO ART – Begins,” Andrea Concas, Eleonora Brizi, Rizzoli Illustrati

Free admission, after registration

Sunday, November 20

THEME: Children and teens

4 p.m.: Who Stole the Jam? with Andrea Coccia, Corraini

The jam is gone. Stolen. That is a fact. But who did it? For Andrea and Lia there is no doubt: it was Mauro! But will it be true? A book to learn not to stop at appearances, to look for sources and to untangle news and fake news, guided by journalist Andrea Coccia and comics by Maicol & Mirco. In a world that constantly invests us with information of all kinds, it is increasingly important to understand how to recognize the fake ones from those that can be trusted instead. And it is important to do this from a young age. With a clear and entertaining, yet still rigorous approach, this book-halfway between a handbook and a comic book-offers exercises, examples and data to begin to navigate the chaotic world of communication and information. And it is not afraid to tackle even concepts that might seem difficult to us: what does infodemics mean? How many truths exist? How to try to spot misleading information, if not outright fabricated? The pages of Who Stole the Jam? are not a point of arrival, but a point of departure, an invitation to check, investigate, and take a close look at the reality that surrounds us and the way it is told.

Protagonist: Andrea Coccia

Presenting at MEET, “Who Stole the Jam? Let’s learn to verify information,” Andrea Coccia, Corraini

free admission, after registration

Sunday, November 20

THEME: History and current affairs

5:30 p.m.: Environment, attention economy, activism: toward a sustainable digital

“[…] this is the problem at the heart of digital: it is the biggest engine of extreme consumption and overproduction ever invented. […] The problem is that human beings cannot handle […] that speed. With digital, we find ourselves trapped in a world of short-term thinkers who are constantly selling superficial desires. We don’t need to move that fast. It is not good for us. It’s definitely not good for life on Earth.” Gerry McGovern

Protagonists: Stefana Broadbent, Giuseppe Palazzo and Matteo Spini

Presenting at MEET “Digital Ecology – For a technology that serves people, society and the environment,” AA. VV., Altreconomia

 Free admission, after registration