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Kohei Ogawa | Meet the Media Guru

We shouldn’t be afraid of robots. These are the words of Kohei Ogawa, researcher and professor of robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Nagoya in Japan. For some time he has been studying the interaction between people and Androids, robots that increasingly resemble human beings in appearance and behaviour.

Ogawa was part of the team that developed Erica, an ultra-realistic Android capable of autonomously interacting and showing a variety of complex facial expressions, good enough to read and present a newscast.

At Meet the Media Guru, Kohei Ogawa will talk about the relationship between people and android robots and the future of a Humanoid Society.

The main partner of MEET is Intesa Sanpaolo. The center of digital culture is also supported by Fondazione Fiera Milano and Sigest. Thanks to Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia.

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