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Digifest 2021 | Sound Morphosis performance

Digifest 2021 will be held on November 19.

MEET Digital Culture Center has partnered with George Brown College’s School of Design, for Digifest 2021, to bring original programming to audiences in Canada and Italy. The focus of this year’s event is Phygital, bringing together the best of physical and virtual experiences at the intersection of arts and culture. Presenters will share live conversations, demos, tours and performances.

A full day connecting to meet experts, artists, and poets. Read the program here.

SoundMorphosis performance

Novembre 19, 9 PM

A grand piano, digital console and large screen will envelop the MEET Theater stage. Danilo Rea, one of the most famous Italian jazz pianists, sits at the piano and starts improvising. The notes come out of the piano and turn into colored signs on the screen. Paolo Scoppola – interactive media artist who creates video installations, interactive performances for music, dance and theater shows – observes these colored signs, modifies them through the console and sends them back to the musician’s eyes to stimulate his imagination. Thus begins a complex dialogue between the two artists, a journey through a series of musical and visual improvisations, each with its own character, but linked by the constant desire to discover the deep relationships between the language of sounds and that of images.

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