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Meet the Media Guru Swiss Edition | Gilles Jobin

We are observed.
And yet, we should be the ones to gaze in amazement at the world around us, we should be the ones to observe the alien figures, human and non-human that peer at us with wonder and suspicion. Who are we? How do they see us? And why do we arouse such interest?

In Cosmogony, the digital performance that Gilles Jobin presented at the Sundance Film Festival that has just ended, the game of glances between spectator and actor is reversed, the intersection of visions puts us on the wrong side of the scene concerning what we believe we should be entitled to, that of reality with respect to stage fiction.
In fact, the inhabitants of the Metaverse look at us, between astonished and aggressive, like funny intruders, beings coming from a dimension beyond Alice’s mirror.

Gilles Jobin, a choreographer who lives and works in Geneva, is recognized as one of the main creative forces in the world of virtual immersiveness. (XR)
Every XR experience begins by defining presence, which is achieved when the person involved truly feels they are in a particular place. And that’s exactly what happens to us when we immerse ourselves in her performance, a work that is the result of a long exploration of the border between virtual reality and live performance.

Bringing contemporary dance into VR/XR technologies, an ideal field for the artistic exploration of new imaging technologies has allowed his company, even in times of pandemic, to perform in real-time on the stage of a real theater, with the possibility for the audience to remotely watch the show in an immaterial scene, transporting themselves into the Metaverse in the form of an avatar.

In the meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 23rd at MEET Digital Culture Center, the first International Center for Digital Art and Culture born in Milan with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, Gilles Jobin will present the creative process behind his recent virtual works. Based on his recent experience with immersive volumetric technologies, he will share with participants his vision of new digital territories for dance and performing arts.

This meeting will also be an opportunity to inaugurate a new series of meetings in collaboration with the Swiss Consulate.
Meet the Media Guru Swiss Edition will explore artistic personalities from the Swiss territory who will be hosted both at MEET and at The Pop-up House of Switzerland Milano, located in the Casa degli Artisti in Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga. Sign up here!

Who is Gilles Jobin
Gilles Jobin is an award-winning contemporary dance choreographer fascinated by new image technologies. In 2017 he created VR_I and with his dance company in Geneva he creates digital dance pieces such as Dance Trail (AR) and La Comédie virtuelle-live show (multi-user VR) and Cosmogony (live digital performance), his work is regularly invited to international festivals such as Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival. To date, due to the pandemic, the company is completely digital and focuses on creating remote performances and collaborations in real-time.