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Drawing complexity | Talk with Michele Mauri

Understanding the Invisible is a series of talks open to the public with experts to delve into the complexity of data that Albert-László Barabási’s exhibition The Art of Connection reveals.

For the first meeting – with Antonietta Mira – we took the cue from a work from the BarabásiLab exhibited at MEET to delve into the world of data and networks and learn how to decipher various visualisation models that have been created by the well-known Boston laboratory to reveal complex phenomena of our reality.

With Michele Mauri we learn Drawing complexity.

How do we construct a visual language to enable us to see complexity? How do we make the invisible visible? The works of Barabasi lab allow us to reflect on the choices that artists and designers have made to give form to phenomena that are difficult to imagine.


Researcher at Politecnico di Milano – Department of Design, Michele Mauri is the scientific director of DensityDesign Lab. Within the lab he coordinates the research, conception and development of projects related to the visual communication of data and information, in particular for projects related to born-digital data and Digital Methods. In 2015, he obtained his PhD in Design with the thesis ‘Design of the Unfinished’. He is one of the authors of RAWGraphs , an open source platform for creating data visualisations. Since 2017, he has been part of the Public Data Lab , an international group of researchers working on the development of innovative formats for the creation and use of public data. He is interested in data visualisation, statistics, born-digital data sources and, of course, graphic design.


Admission to the talk is free, after registration

The Art of Connection can be visited until 9 p.m.