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all alone together – Martina Menegon

Vienna based Italian artist Martina Menegon focuses on interactive and MR art that reexamines the body and identity since the advent of cyberspace. She also creates interactive performances and installations. Ms. Menegon’s work challenges conceptions of identity and the fragility of our bodies, or as she puts it, “synthetic corporality” in her piece all alone together. The work shows virtual clones of the artist’s 3D-scanned body which move in irregular and bizarre ways as a result of an algorithmic anomaly.

The clones are in a liminal state between anxiety and ecstasy. The viewer’s unease is further heightened by details of the bodies such as break’s in the space where there were gaps of data as well as in the almost visceral plasticity of the clones. At times the bodies collide with you although this effect is heightened when seen in VR.The viewer can move surrounded by a full immersion with the clones, sensing their discomfort in their own bodies and in turn escalating our own in this alternate reality.

The exhibition Synthetic Corpo-Reality