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The Institute without Boundaries is heading to Milan

Mentre procede il countdown verso la Special Edition (siamo a -35), inauguriamo una nuova serie di post firmati dall’Institute without Boundaries di Toronto che, dal 10 al 30 giugno, porta a Milano la Charrette, il laboratorio di progettazione urbana partecipata animato da esperti, docenti e studenti. Per un mese il nostro blog ospiterà post in inglese, ecco il primo.

With the Future Ways of Living: Special Edition just over one month away, our flights are confirmed, accommodations booked and we are counting down the days until we co-host this living lab with Meet the Media Guru from June 10-30! Are you as excited as we are?!

meet the media guru_future ways of living

What is the Institute without Boundaries?

We are a Toronto-based educational program and think tank that offers an academic credential at the School of Design at George Brown College called Interdisciplinary Design Strategy. The Institute also develops special projects and research that help visualize and build positive futures.

At the Institute without Boundaries, we are dedicated to the development of original ideas and projects that push the envelope, stimulate intellect and actively experiment with new ways of thinking. Our primary vision is to facilitate collaborative design practice for a better world, fostering collaboration between disciplines to create innovative solutions to 21st century global challenges.