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MEETverso | MEET’s virtual floor

MEET, with the support of the Municipality of Milan, has created a virtual world on the Spatial platform to experiment with social experiences and to expand its communication and dissemination of content. MEETverso – this is the name of MEET’s metaverse – has been designed in such a way as to recall MEET’s salient graphic, design and architectural features and to provide meeting and training spaces, as well as adaptable paths for exhibitions. In this space, MEET’s museum activities will be integrated and relaunched, allowing the international public to learn about the programme, participate in events and meet innovation professionals and creatives.

The MEETverse consists of three spaces: the Entrance, the Arena, and the Stairs.

Avatars entering the MEETverse materialise at the Entrance where they find posters introducing MEET and an orange carpet to walk on to enter the Arena.

The Arena is the main space where the events take place. It is circular in shape and has a perimeter walkway and a descending flight of steps where people can sit. Inside the Arena is a large screen with the possibility of broadcasting events via streaming and organising events for its audience, especially international ones. The space is structured upwards, with spiral staircases that echo the logic of MEET’s Living Staircase and, together with the characteristic orange colour, make the Museum recognisable.

The Staircases are a kind of continuation of the orange carpet: they are spread over three floors that can be walked in their entirety or reached by lift; they can host exhibitions, as well as the permanent collection of MEET Le Radici del Nuovo.

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