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MEET has been recognized as a museum by Regione Lombardia

At Palazzo Lombardia, the new edition of RiconosciLO! was held, a meeting and discussion dedicated to the institutes recognized by the Lombardy Region: Museums, Museum Collections, and Ecomuseums. The event offered an opportunity for reflection on emerging themes, the importance of recognition, and the tools adopted by the Region to promote knowledge and dissemination. The speeches were followed by the presentation of the new Museums, Museum Collections, and Ecomuseums recognized by the Region in 2023, to which the Regional Councilor for Culture, Francesca Caruso, delivered plaques and certificates of recognition. MEET Digital Culture Center, the International Center for Digital Art and Culture born in Milan with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, is one of the eight new Museums recognized by Regione Lombadia. MEET is part of a vast open-air laboratory, spread throughout the Region.

“Museum” is a term that should be taken more broadly today,” says Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President of MEET. “It is important that Digital Art and Culture be institutionally recognized to emphasize new culture. MEET is an atypical museum that does not deal with or exhibit technology, but rather the history of the evolution of contemporary culture determined by the impact of technology on our lives through often overlooked historical materials and documents. It is precisely MEET’s archive, Le Radici del Nuovo, that is permanently made available with the Museum Recognition to offer a meeting point between past and present, for all audiences, with the aim of supporting a new awareness of the ongoing digital transition”.

Thanks to this recognition, MEET will also open to the public on Tuesdays (from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm) with an additional space dedicated to the contents of Le Radici del Nuovo. We will also make the use of Renaissance Dreams by Refik Anadol permanent, which was the first work with which MEET inaugurated the Immersive Space. The installation, inspired by the Italian Renaissance and created with Artificial Intelligence, synthesizes the multi-year work of Refik Anadol and his international team of designers, data scientists, programmers, and architects who together, almost like a Renaissance workshop of our days, explore the intersection between media, science, and technology to create poetic and engaging experiences.