Renaissance Dreams becomes a permanent installation at MEET

Refik Anadol, who exhibited in Italy for the first time at MEET in 2020, created a site-specific work called Renaissance Dreams for the Immersive Room. The work was generated using artificial intelligence and is composed of an immense dataset of images and texts produced between the 1300s and 1600s in Italy. The dataset was elaborated and reinterpreted by algorithms that change shapes, colors, and create original sounds.

Renaissance Dreams is composed of four chapters: painting, sculpture, literature, and architecture. The data for each chapter was processed by AI using GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) algorithms, which are capable of identifying common features in images and texts from the Italian Renaissance and producing truly original creations. Before the viewer’s eyes, images from the Renaissance art corpus flow, leaving the impression of a beautiful dream with open eyes. A hypnotic walk on the traces of Italian art history. A message of beauty and rebirth tailor-made for MEET spaces.

Renaissance Dreams synthesizes the multi-year work of Refik Anadol and his international team of designers, data scientists, programmers, and architects who explore the intersection of media, science, and technology to create poetic and engaging experiences. The result is a composition of dynamic multidimensional forms to which artificial intelligence has attributed new volumes and colors and associated an ad hoc sound design.

Refik Anadol (1985, Istanbul) is a Turkish media artist who resides in Los Angeles, where he founded the Refik Anadol Studio and serves as its creative director. Anadol’s research lies at the intersection of art, science, and technology, exploring how intelligent machines and digital technologies enable the creation of immersive environments that alter our perception of time and space. In his works, floors, walls, and ceilings disappear into infinity, entire buildings come to life, breathtaking aesthetics take shape from large amounts of data, and what was once invisible to the human eye becomes visible, offering the public a new perspective and narrative of the world. Anadol not only integrates the expressive languages of technology into environments but also integrates new media styles into the design of public and private spaces.


Renaissance Dreams

The work “Renaissance Dreams” is available exclusively on Tuesdays.

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