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July and August at MEET | the full program


July 7-Aug. 31

Tuesday through Sunday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.


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Italian Digital Art Experience is an exhibition itinerary that presents for the first time as a whole the video mapping, immersive digital experience, and light art projects commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the diplomatic consular network and Italian cultural institutes around the world to enhance abroad a selection of Italian creative studios distinguished by their ability to innovate, experiment and develop new forms of artistic expression.

Taking its cue from the Farnesina Digital Art Experience initiative, realized in collaboration with Bright Festival, MEET proposes a new exhibition itinerary curated by Stefano Fake, which has its epicenter in the Immersive Room, where a collective work of about 50 minutes made by more than twenty Italian studios comes to life: a true overview of digital visions from North to South.

To complete the path, we find additional installations, including scale reproductions of facades and interventions produced in various countries around the world, starting with the famous event realized on the Palazzo della Farnesina, which kicked off the initiative in 2019.



Every future leaves its traces, big or small, memorable or not, however they are part of the collective imagination or history of the individuals who collaborated in its realization. And this is precisely what The Roots of the New tells.

Beyond the collection being born here at MEET, what excites us most are the stories the objects carry. Through the QR codes that accompany posters, laserdiscs, Tamagotchi and Nabaztag, and floppy disks, you can listen to the narrative of their origins.

The exhibition is structured on three floors, from the lounge to the galleries to the office floor, but in the next phase of the project we want to give as much space as possible to these stories and objects, taking them out of the physical environments of the MEET to the Metaverse, where we are going to place all the heritage of ideas and things we are going to collect.

If the future has roots, it is certain that it also has seeds, leading us toward those things, those objects yet to come. The Roots of the New does not stop at just witnessing but raises its call to action toward all those who wish to leave their own trace of the future.


Refik Anadol – USA


In MEET’s Immersive Room, the site-specific installation “Renaissance Dreams” by Refik Anadol, the first work in Italy by the Turkish media artist and filmmaker, who lives and works in Los Angeles, is always available upon request.

The work is inspired by the Italian Renaissance and consists of four chapters, each focusing on as many “themes”: painting, sculpture, literary texts, and architectural works created between 1300 and 1600 in our country. A million images that return only a portion of the dizzying Italian artistic production in these centuries.

That huge amount of data-all in public domain and therefore legally reproducible and reusable-was processed by Refik Anadol’s team of programmers, designers, architects, data scientists and engineers skilled in machine learning.

The first step was to have the images processed through GAN algorithms capable of self-learning and generating a dynamic multidimensional form.

The creative man-machine process thus started with a series of very complex technical steps that lasted months. The end result is a hypnotic “walk” on the traces of Italian art history that is built specifically for the spaces of MEET. The body of Renaissance works re-interpreted by the machine has become something else, without losing poeticity but rather renewing the connection with the past.

For information and to arrange a visit write to or contact 02-36769011


Friday through Sunday, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

A review of short films in virtual reality that, month by month, is being enriched with new content. The review – inaugurated in July 2021 – to date boasts 11 pieces of content, all of which can be enjoyed for free with the visors provided by MEET. It is a particularly popular program, which has seen, over the months, a crescendo of participation.

We highlight the latest film added to the catalog:


Girolamo da Schio 

Experiencing a love story in an early 20th-century psychiatric facility thanks to VR. H.O.M. is a short film by Girolamo da Schio that allows the viewer to enter a psychiatric clinic of the past, exploring their emotions and discovering the love story between Edmondo and Teresa. The short is part of a cross-media project about mental health, co-produced by 8 Production and TockTock with support from Compagnia di San Paolo.


Hyperplanes of Simultaneity

Fabio Giampietro


In 2016 Hyperplanes of Simultaneity was presented at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. This project, winner of the Gold Award at the Lumen Prize, is a bridge between traditional art and digital art. It is a research in Mixed Reality inspired by the block universe theory and consists of two elements: oil painted paintings and virtual reality.

Wearing the Oculus Quest and looking at the large painted canvases, the barriers of art collapse, the boundaries of the painting and its frame explode. The relationship of continuity and simultaneity between the three spatial dimensions and time becomes tangible in the viewer’s eyes, stimulating a unique immersive psycho-sensory experience.

13 luglio ore 18.30



It’s the twenty-first AperitivoVR!

To celebrate, we thought we would issue a call to action to all those who have already attended and will attend: from the living voice of our community, speakers, artists, and professionals we want to gather insights and suggestions for the next season of meetings.

Also welcoming you will be Aura, a Conversational Artificial Intelligence to whom we have entrusted the evening’s DJ set. Aura will generate her own music based on participants’ tastes and suggestions. Admission is free, registration on our website is recommended.

Admission is free, registration is recommended.

22 luglio ore 18.30

The Moon


Astrophiles, fans of science and technological adventures, for those who devour series dedicated to Space this appointment of ours is absolutely for you!

We have prepared a double experience, which will first of all project you into the delicate experience of lunar landing thanks to Moon Landing, a simulator made by Virtual Immersion in Science with which you will have to skillfully manage the fuel to lunar land. Once we arrive on the planet, after our experience, those who wish can move to the nearby Planetarium (5-minute walk from MEET) where we continue the lunar experience with a viewing of the show It’s the Moon Beauty! Origins, curiosities and conquest of our natural satellite.
Admission to the planetarium is €5. 

Are you ready to land on our satellite? Register here.
To get more information about the event at the Planetarium and purchase your ticket, follow the link.