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TESH | the new Audio Visual live by Lorem

MEET presents on Thursday 14 December at 8 p.m., TESH, a new Audio Visual live performance by Lorem, the stage name of musician, visual artist and independent researcher Francesco D’Abbraccio, one of the most innovative in our country.

In collaboration with Basemental and Visioni Parallele Creative Studio, TESH is the performance version of the installation Distrust Everything, based on the combination of dream transcriptions and weird literature through the use of machine learning systems. Interweaving sound and narrative elements within a distorted, dreamlike imaginary, the performance is a hymn to the imagination as a possible escape route from the realism that conditions language and man’s experience of the world.

The new Audio Visual installation by Lorem is realised through artificial intelligence systems and 3D photogrammetry, immersing the visitor in an eerie, synthetic dream realised by a neural network. The immersive work explores the relationship between fiction and truth in the age of artificial intelligence through an aesthetic experience that challenges our perception of internal and external landscapes. Lorem’s obsession is after all access to data, i.e. the possibility of working with large archives. The rapid development of generative AI has made the use of its tools available and accessible to everyone. However, the problem remains that one has no idea of the datasets from which they draw, and thus of the cognitive horizon of the machine. One also has no access to the parameters that would allow one to have more control over the generation of images. And it is here, in the awareness of the content and information he is using, at all levels, and in the knowledge, even profound knowledge, of these technological tools, that the artist who uses AI finds space and identity. According to Lorem, AI should not be experienced as “an autonomous entity with which to empathise, as Hollywood films have taught us, but as a telescope for looking at data or an excel sheet on steroids”. Unlike many of his colleagues, the Italian artist in fact prefers “open and open source models, which allow us to imagine more complex interactions, and above all by training smaller models, which allow us to work directly on customised datasets”.

With TESH, Lorem shows us, in short, how Artificial Intelligence can be more human, more poetic and graspable than we could ever have imagined, not least because of the process of technological development itself.