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Meet the Media Guru | Maryanne Wolf

MEET organizes for Fondazione Cariplo a series of appointments aimed at deepening the relationship between reading and the digital environment and its implications in practices, genres and forms.

The second meeting of the series dedicated to reading is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th at 6:30 p.m. and will have as its protagonist Maryanne Wolf, one of the most famous cognitive neuroscientists, author of famous books published also in Italy. During the talk, we will discuss topics such as the evolution of cognitive processes in the new generations, treating in a critical but positive way the change generated by new technologies. Admission is free, reservation required.

Scheduled for November 3 an online focus open to the community to deepen the issues addressed during the meeting with Maryanne Wolf. Digital culture requires the brain to have different neural connections from the traditional ones, other types of capabilities and interpretation and manipulation of symbols. This is a transition already underway and the challenge we face is about integrating deep reading with digital innovation. Registration link will follow. #StayTuned