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AugE Next – Joint creation to meet the challenges of the present

Following the success of AugE (Augmented Europe), MEET is back with its second edition: AugE Next.
AugE Next is a project funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Call for Proposals, and aims to explore the potential of digital technologies as a tool to foster and amplify the active participation of young people in the political debate on the future of Europe. In addition to MEET, working on AugENext are Public Art Lab in Berlin, RICX in Riga and MADE in Thessaloniki.

Augmented Europe encapsulates two visions of the term “augmented.”

– a transnational community of young people and activists that goes beyond language and cultural barriers, to meet in a space, physical and virtual, and co-create values and ideas for the future of Europe
– a renewed and broader idea of Europe, based on the values of its history, but looking to the future, and doing so through the eyes of the youngest, aiming to reflect on the social challenges of this time

The project aims to stimulate the active and creative participation of young people in the European cultural/art scene, leading them to work with artists for the joint creation of a new transnational community consciousness and a renewed sense of European belonging that addresses major social challenges and intercultural divides.

A transnational Artathon will take place on Friday, November 25. Milan, Berlin, Riga and Thessaloniki will host a joint creation event where a multidisciplinary team of artists, youth and activists will work in presence to develop visions and actions that will inspire future ways of living together. At the end of the day, via streaming link, the four cities will meet in a transnational event to reflect on the day’s achievements.

Youth communities in Italy, Germany, Greece and Latvia will work together to co-create ideas on four challenges of the present:

1) Diversity and social inclusion
2) Climate change
3) Jobs of the future
4) Connecting people and cities

Each Artathon can be seen as a chapter in a single narrative that has unfolded between countries and people, yet each event is linked to the others and together they build the narrative of the Europe of the future as seen by the new interconnected generations.

To actively participate in the Nov. 25 Artathon, fill out the registration form.