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La Vita Nova – Auriea Harvey

Auriea Harvey is an artist based in Rome. She creates sculpture for realtime simulation and 3D printing, blending the virtual and handmade: immaterialty to neo materiality, mirror loops of antiquity and the future. Specializing in mixed reality design and narrative explorations through performative (inter)action with/in simulated environments.

For Synthetic Corpo-Reality Ms. Harvey will be presenting La Vita Nova. The piece is a deeply personal artwork which tries to recreate the moment in time when a person has to make a choice and everything changes. The importance of that moment in life when one’s personal narrative is rewritten is what the artist hopes to simulate in her artwork. La Vita Nova consists of four 3D scanned self portraits from the day before and the day after the artist turned 46. She transforms these four sculptures into ghosts of the past, in spatial dialog with each other, on either end of a perpendicular and dark long hallway. Distinct from far away they merge both human sculpture and architectural elements, the closer you walk to them the more they disappear into points of shimmering light.The soundscape in this world contains whispers and music creating an evocative atmosphere. As the artist says, ”Like a caryatid the figure is part human and part column, or part urn, part stone but maybe also part flesh. Getting closer still the figure dissolves into particles, similar to the dust that has been floating in the air all around. As you reach the end of the hallway, staring into the vastness of space beyond the figure is only dots on the screen. You are left alone. Maybe to take a different path. The overall effect is a memorial to everything that has changed for me since”.

The exhibition Synthetic Corpo-Reality