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Reality in a Shell with Sara Tirelli

Clarke’s third law makes it clear: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

In MEET’s Ateliers we try to put into practice what the great writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke only imagined and summarized in his three famous laws, of which the last one is by far the most famous.

After the excellent test of the Reality in a Shell workshop last September, we relaunch and expand the training proposal in a two-day workshop on 3D photogrammetry techniques led by Sara Tirelli, who takes us from the objective to the virtual: the exchange between different states of reality are a technology that has nothing to do either with magic or science fiction.

Let’s talk about the opportunities that computer graphics together with virtual reality gives us for the manipulation of three-dimensional images, where real and virtual overlap seamlessly. Creativity is the only limit!

The workshop aims to create a photorealistic virtual gallery starting from real objects, places and people that are scanned and reproduced in 3D models for immersive environments and to acquire basic knowledge and know-how about photogrammetry and the different ways in which it is practiced, the applications in which it is used and the perspectives that opens.

The action of the workshop does not stop at the mere understanding of technologies, but already has a goal on which to test the ability of participants: The creation of “digital twins” of iconic objects of digital culture that will be exhibited in the event dedicated to the third phase of The Roots of the New that will take place at MEET.

Information for those interested

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 February
From 3PM to 6PM
Cost: 50 euro
To sign up, click here.