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AI4Future: the programme

Can Artificial Intelligence be a creative tool for activism on biggest social challenges? That’s the aim ofAI4Future project. Through a two-year journey – ending in 2022 –AI4Future is expected to illustrate what artsartificial intelligence and social activism can do when they come together.

Co-funded by Creative Europe programme supporting Europe’s cultural and creative sectors, AI4Future aims to improve the understanding and dissemination of Artificial Intelligence technologies as a leverage for Social Activism on Mobility, mobility being the social challenge chosen by the project consortium.  AI4Future frames Mobility encompassing its various meanings, that is mobility across national borders, green & sustainable transportation, mobility as a digital or social leverage. Each partner is expected to shape a “local” story angle so to fully embody different perspectives on the matter.

The team

To do so, the project gathers a team of skilled organizations working on cross-fertilization projects at the intersection of digital culture and social challenges such as project leader Sineglossa, an Italian cultural ecosystem that shapes new sustainable development models in response to global challenges by applying the processes of contemporary art; Espronceda/Lemongrass, a Barcelona-based institute of art and culture; V2_Lab for the Unstable Media, a Dutch center for art and media technology based in Rotterdam; MEET Digital Culture Center, the international center for digital culture and creative technology based in Milan and associated partner Sardegna Teatro, a Sardinian leading performing arts organization.

«In the last months many media and politicians are talking about a New Renaissance, especially connected to the Next Generation EU Funds: this project offers a practical example of how an ecosystem composed of artists, scientists, enterprises and public bodies can co-design a sustainable and inclusive future, which is the one we shall advocate for our Europe» says Federico Bomba, president of Sineglossa.

Our Target

AI4Future primary target is young Europeans, especially students, activists, changemakers, and it also look at artists who are interested in learning how to use digital technologies based on artificial intelligence for their creative purposes, meaning installations or, in general, artistic creations that use AI to convey concepts, ideas or proposals to engage people and raise public awareness.

The Milestones

Through workshops, advocacy moments, residencies and art installations, the urban labs will grow thanks to the passionate energy of young activists from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The project will offer training, awareness raising and field experiences about digital culture, with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence as a creative tool to successfully impact present and new social challenges.

  • AI4Future Days
    A round of inspirational events, panels and workshops held both remotely and in presence (in consideration of the national Covid restrictions).Each partner has selected a different story angle on Mobility. The AI4Future Days programme is here.
  • Calls for Artists
    Four international Calls for Artists to select four artists/creators or teams that will access the 4-week AI4Future Residency Programme.
  • Artist Residencies in Urban Labs
    Each country will organize artist residencies by involving the local communities. Fellowships for artists include a production budget and travel expenses. At the end of the residency period, an AI-based work will be developed and presented to the local community as the result of the co-creation work of artists, students and activists.
  • Final Exhibition
    An exhibition will be held at MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan to showcase the outcomes being the artworks and best practice developed during the artist residencies in urban lab. The exhibition aims to engage local and international media, policy makers and stakeholders.

The Survey

Mobility has characterized humans from the very beginning of our life on Earth. Needs, desires and conditions have always shaped behaviors: now the pandemic is generating new structures. Take part in the AI4Future survey anonymously and deepen the multifaceted meanings of contemporary and future mobility.