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Photofestival | Photography in the AI era

Photofestival 2023 is now underway: from 15 September to 31 October, Milan’s most important art photography event brings 142 exhibitions to the entire city and some of its provinces in Lombardy, spread across more than 100 public and private spaces. The exhibition programme, which brings together great names in photography with young and up-and-coming artists, is enriched by a calendar of initiatives that also address highly topical issues such as the relationship between photography and artificial intelligence.

A significant programme of collateral events to the exhibitions completes the schedule of this edition. These include the important conference ‘Photography in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’ organised in collaboration with MEET and NIKON.

The history of photography is characterised by major turning points: the invention of the daguerreotype, Kodak’s idea of producing a camera that only requires you to press the shutter button, colour film, the introduction of autofocus, the digital revolution. Sometimes everything was accompanied by enthusiasm, sometimes by perplexity or opposition. Now new perspectives appear on the horizon and Artificial Intelligence has become one of the main topics of debate. There is much to be said, to be analysed, to be discussed, because even before taking sides with the enthusiasts of the ‘New at all costs’ or the catastrophists of the ‘Where are we going to end up’, perhaps it is better to ask questions. And seek answers together.

The event takes place in MEET on Tuesday 24 October h 6.00 PM

Maria Grazia Mattei, founder and president MEET Digital Culture Center
Roberto Mutti, artistic director Photofestival
Andrea Nepori, journalist
Maria Vittoria Baravelli, art sharer
Roberto Tomesani, general coordinator AFIP International, Association of Professional Photographers