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VR MEET Collection

MEET has an extensive catalog of Virtual Reality content that allows visitors to choose from different offerings depending on their preferences and interests.
Throughout the month of July, every Saturday and Sunday, a selection of the best works presented at the VR Corner collected into a unique body of work, the MEET Collection, available by visitors through our immersive devices.

Saturday – Sunday
3.00 – 7.00 p.m.
@VR Corner
For info and costs, see meet us


by Adriano Abbado

An explosion, the dance of color illuminates the viewer, music envelops us as we observe a cosmogony of fires. “Spacelife” is a pure immersive work by Adriano Abbado, a pioneer of digital art in Italy, which captivates and makes even more topical the sound and light show that intimately fascinates us ever since we looked up at the starry sky.


Still life
by Chiara Passa

“Still life” is the work of artist Chiara Passa, who – through photogrammetry techniques – has collected multiple real images of trees, objects, and archaeological sites to animate a surreal landscape that reminds us of Alice in Wonderland, which can be explored by visitors thanks to MEET’s viewers.


Concerto aumentato
by Mezzo Forte
Edited by Andrea Gozzi at the SAGAS department, University of Florence

For the first time, the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino opens the virtual doors on its spaces. The visitor, wearing the visor, can move inside the Great Hall according to three different positions with immersive video and audio (in the orchestra pit, on the stage and in the stalls). One takes part firsthand in the open rehearsal of the romance “Una furtiva lagrima” from Gaetano Donizetti’s opera “L’elisir d’amore,” teleporting in real time to enjoy the different perceptions of the actors in a performance and observe their practices up close in otherwise inaccessible spaces.


by Omar Rashid

Cinema has its own childhood in which early filmmakers discovered and enacted all the limitations and potential of this language. Omar Rashid – producer, director, designer and co-founder of the production company Gold Enterprise – has collected famous scenes from early silent cinema that highlight the great narrative potential of this art form and revisited them in a series of short films that a century later recount the poetry and illusionism of early cinema.


by Enrico T. De Paris

From the collaboration between artist Enrico T. De Paris and Vitruvio Virtual Reality studio comes Synapse, a virtual exhibition path structured as a labyrinth where the viewer becomes an active part of the work, moving freely between rooms and encountering surprising works made of human-zoomorphic and organic-geometric hybridizations.