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Digital Innovation for Culture: our new program

Digital Innovation for Culture is a program by MEET Digital Culture Center in association with Institute without Boundaries | George Brown College to investigate the New Normal in Culture. The traumatic experimentation of the past few months has forced the world of arts, music, theatre and dance to reboot. The digital turned out to be an essential resource to preserve, promote and disseminate knowledge and beauty.

To resist the temptation to go back to “the old normal” when the word “digital” was just a synonym of another communication tool, the people and organizations of Culture have to exit their comfort zone. MEET is delighted to give its contribution in order to:

  • identify attractive and sustainable digital-only formats
  • design and test new managing processes for resources (collections, warehouses, curatorial team)
  • promote professional education in relation to emerging trends in digital technologies

The program is scheduled between June and July 2020 exclusively on MEET website (


Digital catch up with Nancy Proctor
June 11 @ 5pm (CEST) – Museums after the pandemic: immersive environment and economic sustainability

Nancy Proctor is one of the most renowned professionals in digitization for cultural heritage. While Italian museums are slowly starting their activities again, we have invited her to outline with us opportunities and challenges of transformation for those who are concerned with conserving, promoting and disseminating knowledge and beauty. Do galleries, libraries, exhibition spaces and museums have to “reprogram”? How can digital overcome physical distance and produce forms of economic sustainability? To register, click the botton below.

Virtual Charrette Transitioning The Italian Performing Arts Into The Digital Age

The post-pandemic recovery phase will not only involve the rehabilitation of our key industries, but will necessarily involve the deconstruction of systems and models that have been vulnerable, unfair or inefficient for decades. The performing arts sector in Italy has been deeply affected by the pandemic and may be one of the last sectors to recover from physical distancing measures.
What changes need to take place in order for the performing arts sector to withstand the strains of the current economic instability and future global crises? Please notice the virtual charrette will be held in Italian only. To apply, click the botton below.

Digital catch up with Maurice Benayoun
June 30 @ 5pm (CEST) – Where Art in the digital space is going? 

Maurice Benayoun is one of the French pioneers of Media Art, a critic and curator who lives between Paris and Hong Kong where he teaches at the local University’s School of Creative Media. With almost 40 years of practice, Benayoun is the right person to ask how art is made with and through digital technologies now and what the emerging trends are. Is digital art about to become mainstream? How are the languages ​​and techniques of Media Art changing? To register, click the botton below.