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S+T+Arts | Repairing the present

12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centers from different countries have set out to address the unintended consequences of steadfast technological development contributing to the European continent’s present social, economic, and environmental challenges.

To repair the present, the EU’s economy must be transformed and adapted for the sustainable future we all want. The Regional S+T+ARTS Centers focus on a ​resource, urban​, ​ICT & ​art-driven​ transformation as the path towards reconfiguring the current social, cultural and economic landscape. We believe this reconfiguration can only be done with the involvement of different perspectives and by tapping into artists’ potential to act as catalysts for change and actively contribute to innovation. We propose shifting the role of artists from that of observers and critics of societal contexts into that of active participants in the reimagination and building of possible futures. With Repairing the Present, we want to create the frameworks needed for this shift. As a first step, each Regional S+T+ARTS Center has gathered a group of local experts and together defined 21 challenges in their localities. The 21 challenges have been informed by the EU Green Deal, the New European Bauhaus and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to reflect pan-European or global issues that nonetheless, require a focus on local regions.

We seek artists with a strong motivation to help change behaviours, reduce waste, fight climate change, improve energy efficiency or make cities and communities more sustainable – in essence, a motivation to challenge existing actions and propose more responsible and sustainable ones. Besides the motivation, artists should have proven experience working with technologies (with a focus on ICT technologies) and integrating them into their artistic practice. We now call for international artists to join in coming up with solutions to these challenges in 21 artist fellowships. The fellowships will encourage artists to critique the present, explore beyond its current limitations and reimagine sustainable futures.

Who can apply?

The call is open to professional individual artists and collectives from any art-related field, excited and ready to collaborate with a network of experts and technology (ICT) professionals in addressing local challenges. Previous experience in collaboration with industrial companies and/or research institutions will be valued, but is not a condition for participation.

Throughout the fellowships, artists are expected to engage with regional issues, local communities and local expert groups to expand their role in society and integrate their artistic practice with the development process of innovative solutions. The goal of the proposals should be the development of a thought-provoking hybrid between an artwork and a prototype that seamlessly bridges between art and technology and proposes a solution with both functional and artistic value to a real-life issue.  Furthermore, artists should aim to break the old dichotomies between autonomous and applied art and create space for novel approaches.

What do we offer?

  • Up to EUR 40.000 budget for artist fellowships to cover the artist fee and other fellowship-related costs (including but not limited to artwork/prototype production, transportation to joint Prototyping Park exhibitions, travel and accommodation expenses, insurance)
  • Access to the regional fellowship host organisation and local expert group
  • Access to the Europe-wide S+T+ARTS network
  • Access to new technologies and R&D departments
  • Participation in Prototyping Parks showcasing the outcomes of the fellowships at MAXXI Rome, ZKM Karlsruhe, as well as at regional locations of the Regional S+T+ARTS Centers upon selection
  • Visibility through high impact communication activities to promote the artistic output and its innovation spillovers (including dissemination events foreseen from July-December 2022)


  • Fellowship: February 2022 – August 2022
  • Exhibiting & Impact Dissemination:  September 2022- December 2022
  • Budget per challenge: €40.000

Apply now!

Each regional challenge had been informed by one of the goals of the EU Green Deal or the New European Bauhaus.

MEET’S Challenges

Challenge nº9: Preserving Co-evolution

How might we preserve the co-evolution of the species by enhancing the capacity of micro and macro communities to be resilient when challenged by diversity?

EU Green Deal:GD6 Preserving and protecting biodiversity

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The fellowship is hosted by MEET in cooperation with Area Science Park that will made available data and latest technologies, the City of Milan that will make open data easily accessible, ETT and other research centers for technological support.

Challenge n°20: Repairing the Urban Fabric

How might we demonstrate that a “repaired” urban fabric could, not only be more resilient against external pathogens but also be a vector of healing and wellbeing that draws strength from social proximity and complexity?Challenge nº20: Repairing the Urban Fabric

The New European Bauhaus:BH3 Improve the quality of our lives

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The fellowship is hosted by MEET in cooperation with Human Technopole that will made available data and latest technologies, the City of Milan that will make open data easily accessible, ETT and other research centers for technological support.

Fellowship Timeline