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MEET is part of S+T+Arts network

MEET is officially part of the S+T+Arts network, thus becoming one of the Regional STARTS Center in Southern Europe. The Milan digital culture centre will devote its efforts to become the Italian hub of a larger process in progress throughout Europe in order to allow cooperation between artists, scientists and firms and to support inclusive and sustainable digital technologies and projects.

MEET participated to the call for proposal with a project called Unleashing creativity for European industry, regions and societytogether with: Bozar, the most important Belgian Fine Arts hub Bozar; the Austrian institution Ars Electronica, a veteran in the research on digital technologies in Europe; the French start-ups ecosystem La French Tech; the German Cinema University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and the Greek collective Made Group, specialised in digital creativity.

As regards Italy the project approved by the European Commission requires educational activities designed for teenagers and young adults, knowledge diffusion initiatives and exchange experiences between creative sector workers and small-medium enterprises interested in mixing arts with technology in the innovation processes.

S+T+ARTS is an acronym: Science, Technology and Arts and it is an initiative promoted by the European Commission to stimulate the cooperation between artists, scientists and enterprises and develop a sustainable and creative use of the digital contents. Europe already sees MEET as the Italian voice in an international network, this is the second step of a process started on April 5 with the MEETing of the European centres of Digital Culture, with 12 organisations from 10 European countries participating.