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Hub Montréal 2020: MEET is the voice of Milan

MEET is a proud partner of HUB Montréal, the international markeplace for creative industries in the entertainment, cultural and experiential marketing sectors. On November 16 and 17, 2020 major worldwide players in the fields of digital culture, design and multimedia experiences, events producers and media players gather at its very first virtual edition.

Various creative ecosystems come together for cross-pollination activities and international trade in the presence of talent buyers, investors and decision-makers. This year, HUB Montréal is partnering with three creative cities abroad to foster privileged connections between Québec and the digital creativity of Milan, New York and Paris.

MEET has been chosen to present Milan’s creative context in the Creative Cities session. On November 17 from 9am (EST time) a set of Hub Montreal’s events will focus on MEET and how our center made its physical debut in the midst of a global pandemic, after 2 years of intense virtual activities.

MEET has also selected a group of outstanding Canadian and international creators to present their works and network with some Italian entrepreneurs and companies in order to stimulate discoveries and forge business networks.

HUB Montréal’s program will be presented entirely on a virtual platform. Tickets are on sale.