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From Flyers
to Artist Posters NFT

Meet keeps renewing itself, and good ideas also get better.
since 2005, the year of the first Meet The Media Guru, each event was anticipated by a flyer, a postcard introducing the guest and the theme of the meeting. sent as an invitation first by mail and then by email.
Each postcard was both an artistic operation and a story, summarizing in addition to information, the message and spirit of the Meet the Media Guru project. This is probably why they became objects of collectibles, as happens with concert tickets: a way to remember an event attended, but also the recognition of the value of a unique and unrepeatable moment.
So many personalities have had their postcard, from Joi Ito to Edgard Morin, from Jaron Lanier to Golan Levi, From Giuliana Bruno to Carlo Ratti: impossible to list them all.

In our constant quest for innovation, we have been thinking how to actualize the function of the postcard that represents so well the bond between MEET and its community, something that could replace it without losing its dual value of access to the collectible event.
The answer came from the technological revolution that is mainly characterizing the art world, but not only: The Non Fungible Tokens, the NFTs that allow one to maintain the desired characteristics and continue in the spirit with which the postcards had been made.
NFTs are unique, limited in number, cannot be counterfeited, and are no longer available at the end of the event for which they were made.

Through collaboration with Arte Corriere, the blockchain platform of Corriere della Sera, we have inaugurated a new NFT ticketing and booking system, MyMEET artist posters.
MyMEET Locandine is the NFT collectible series of MEET events beginning with AB INFINITE 1 by Andrea Bonaceto, an artist now on view through Feb. 5, 2023.
The purchase of the MyMEET NFT poster entitles one to visit the exhibition and all the services and events at the MEET venue, but most importantly it allows an exclusive meeting with the artist at his talk at MEET The Media Guru on Thursday, January 26.

This is the beginning, not only of a new way of preselling digital tickets that also have the value of a collection, but also the first step to access exclusive services and initiatives that will be introduced during 2023, to bring the MEET community fully into the web3.
To purchase the NFT MyMEET poster of AB INFINITE 1 by Andrea Bonaceto. follow this link