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Understanding the Invisible

MEET presents a selection of artists who have created site-specific works for the Immersive Room dedicated to the importance of data and its use.

Refik Anadol (Renaissance Dreams, 2020) leads us to discover the cultural traces left by the past that make a centuries-old historical heritage their own and restore it in the language of the contemporary. Anadol touches on data that reveal relationships, assonances and dissonances contained in the artistic production of the past.

Mauro Martino (Mapping the NFT Revolution, 2022) shows us the power of AI-based systems capable of generating a summation of digital art, a new dynamic narrative of the virtual imaginary that has been formed since the 1960s. Martino takes this story and makes it an audiovisual work born from machine learning and AI systems.

Albert-László Barabási (The Art of Connection, 2023) enters the dimension of complex phenomena and working on data reveals with network models the whole reality that the human eye and mind cannot decipher.
This review brings together three iconic works all centered on data processing-the DNA of our culture-and shows how new AI systems can make visible what is apparently not apparent: relationships, complexity of phenomena, culture of the past.

Understanding the Invisible
Artificial intelligence, between memory and new representations
From Sept. 20
15.00 – 19.00

Enjoyment of the review is available in three time slots of 80′ each

3.00 – 4.20 pm.
4.20 – 5.40 pm.
5.40 – 7.00 pm.