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Museo City ’23 | Breathing Staircases

Milano Museo City is one of the most eagerly awaited events on Milan’s cultural agenda.

From 3 to 5 March, Milan will be transformed into a single, large diffuse museum thanks to the coordinated opening of more than 100 public and private museums, large and small, of art, history, science and design. Milan’s museum offer satisfies everyone and MuseoCity has the precious task of highlighting it: not by chance, “The Light of Museums” is this year’s theme. The museums offer their own interpretation of it from multiple points of view – artistic, historical, photographic, scientific, design – celebrating once again the most important message: that culture is for everyone and belongs to everyone.

MEET returns to host on its Scala Abitata the site-specific installation Breathing Staircases by Silvio Wolf together with One&Seven in collaboration with School of Visual Arts (SVA – New York City), Istituto Europeo di Design (IED – Milan) and Epson.

The installation offers a horizontal and vertical space of experience through a fluid and inclusive movement: an expression of the Singular and Collective Universe of which all those who access it become an active and conscious part.

One&Seven is made up of: Lisa di Donato, Judith Lipton, Leah Poller, Rick Raymond, Farah Marie Velten and James Weber

On Friday 3 March at 6.30 p.m., visitors will be taken through an immersive experience step by step, in dialogue with artist Silvio Wolf, Maria Grazia Mattei and Renata Bianconi. Admission is free, after registration.

The installation will remain open during the days of Museo City and it will also be possible to visit the exhibition ‘The Art of Connection, Albert-László Barabási’, the permanent collection ‘The Roots of the New’ and a Virtual Reality content review.