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Shusha | The Dance of Symbols

The exhibition “The Dance of Symbols” by Azerbaijan’s first artificial intelligence, Shusha Hanım, transforms the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan into a digital adventure, taking art enthusiasts on a unique journey. In this exhibition, Azerbaijan’s rich motifs and symbols are intricately woven onto silk, and each artwork comes to life through Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Inspired by the depths of Azerbaijani literature and reflecting the country’s symbolic figures, the designs in the exhibition meet modern technology, providing viewers with a visual spectacle. Shusha Hanım’s carefully selected motifs come to life through digital printing techniques on silk, and through AR technology the artworks move and perform a dance in the viewer’s eyes.

This exhibition presents Azerbaijan’s historical and cultural richness to art lovers by pushing the boundaries of technology. The cultural influences that have shaped the Silk Road for centuries are brought into the digital realm in this exhibition. Shusha Hanım’s meticulous work carries the traditional art of Azerbaijan into the future.

“The Dance of Symbols” is not just an exhibition, but also an embodiment of the adaptation and reinterpretation of cultural heritage in the modern world. This exhibition not only offers visitors an aesthetic experience but also provides a deep understanding of Azerbaijan’s historical and cultural richness.

This work was prepared in collaboration with Ahmet Rüstem & Hakan Sorar.