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Meet the Media Guru | Kevin B. Lee

On the occasion of the sixth round of the exhibition dedicated to Swiss innovation personalities in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan, we address the theme of the present and future of cinema.

At a time when anyone with a smartphone can create a film or countless other varieties of content, the work of Kevin B. Lee – a filmmaker and media researcher who has produced nearly 400 video essays exploring these issues – seeks to creatively explore the ever-changing intersections of film and media production, spectatorship and storytelling.

Kevin B. Lee analyses how new forms of overproduction and the everyday narratives of social media overturn the long-standing binaries that governed classical media. Indeed, digital media production and circulation have radically fragmented the concept of cinema. Now that images and moving media are practically in everyone’s hands and are impulsively produced, the cinema of the present is constantly being produced in our minds.

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