Meet the Media Guru | Jamie Metzl

Historical Milanese program, Meet the Media Guru brings to Milan – on Thursday 21 March at 6.30 pmJamie Metzl, writer and expert on Artificial Intelligence and biotechnology, author of the essay ‘Hacking Darwin’. He talks about how AI and technology are changing and will increasingly transform our lives. This is the first scientific meeting scheduled with the Milan Longevity Summit “Rewriting Time”, which will bring to the Lombard capital some of the best-known scholars from all over the world who will present their cutting-edge research to slow down the ageing process.

Jamie Metzl is a leading figure in the world of genetics, AI and biotechnology and their implications. His voice is also strong and authoritative on the ethical imperative to use revolutionary technologies wisely. Jamie helped found the WisdomTree BioRevolution Fund of which he is the Special Strategist; he serves on the advisory boards of Exponential Medicine, Genomic Prediction, Harvard Medical School Preventive Genomics, Lake Nona Impact Forum, NextMed Health, Dubai Future Forum and Walmart’s Future of Retail Policy Lab. Author of the global bestseller Hacking Darwin, Jamie is a regular guest in national and international media; his work has been featured by 60 Minutes, The New York Times and most of the world’s major media outlets.