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Henry Jenkins | Meet the Media Guru

MEET has organized for Fondazione Cariplo a series of appointments aimed at deepening the relationship between reading and the digital environment and its implications in practices, genres and forms.

The third appointment of the dedicated review deals with the theme of narration and supply chains: we talk about the change in the construction of narrative development from a transmedia perspective. It’s about becoming aware that more and more stories are designed for multimedia and multi-channel dissemination (books, podcasts, video games, series) and open to the active participation of fanbases in the creation of new stories. The guru involved is Henry Jenkins, chosen for his seminal work in analyzing and describing the processes of transmedia storytelling and audience participation. Admission is free by reservation.

Scheduled for December 1, an online focus open to the community where the theme of reading and transmediality will be addressed. When the narrative is enriched through various media and various platforms we enter a new perspective, not predefined, extended and extensible. Readers can interact with the narrative, share it, address it. Booking link will follow! #StayTuned