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EMOTIONS | Emotions in artificial worlds

Due to the health situation, the event is postponed to the end of March

Emotions in the digital world. It’s a topical and fascinating theme that will be discussed at MEET Digital Culture Center, during the fifth stage of Emotions – the traveling Brainforum created by Viviana Kasam. Emotions in the Milan stage tells about emotions in artificial worlds: a journey into the future, from robotics to algorithms, from virtual reality to cyborgs.

Six experts from the international scientific community will take turns on stage, including four brilliant young Italians. Barbara Mazzolai, Alessandra Sciutti, Agnieszka Wykowska, Sara Tonelli, Daniela Cerqui Ducret and Mavi Sanchez Vives.

Many changes are taking place in our way of being digital individuals. Precisely for this reason, MEET is pleased to welcome a moment of reflection on the theme of the relationship between man and machine by entering into the heart of such a fascinating issue. How to create a life that is both real and artificial and how in the latter self-learning machines can or cannot feel emotions? MEET questions the changes taking place, and there is no doubt: the hybridization between man and machine is no longer a science fiction topic, but a science one.

Public Information

The event will be in presence at MEET
H 9.30 – 13.30
The entrance is free, by reservation

For the full program, you can visit where you can connect to the live streaming on the day of the event.